Thursday, March 20, 2008

Friendships Between Women & All Their 'Children'

The friendships I have with some particular women have proven to not only help me to become a better person but have helped encourage and guide me to fulfill many goals, hope and dreams. To them I owe a debt of gratitude that in 10 lifetimes I could never repay. Yet, this particular post is dedicated to one particular woman that is beyond wonderful...and I never pass up an opportunity to tell her how valued, honored and respected she is.

Some of these friendships have spanned over three decades. We have sought comfort and advice from one another. Other times the sharing of joy, laughter and pain. Though I have no biological children, I have many 'children' that have been 'grafted' within my heart by the Lord. Now, many of them have families of their own. It's to the number one child of mine "grafted" into depths of my being I dedicate this post.

One of the 'children' born of the Lord to me, is one of the women I admire most. When she first came into my life, the thing that was most evident was her desire to learn...learn...learn. This young woman was like a sponge. She reminded me of myself at that age. Curious, full of questions and a heart desirous to make a change...a lasting change within a hurting world. Nothing was impossible to her, as nothing was an impossibility to me.

Of course, she had also shared her fears. Yet, what was so striking about this young woman she was willing to put her own fears aside, as she readily saw the greater good. She never had a second thought about accompanying me to eastern Europe. I should say that she'd never been on a flight outside the USA. Not to mention the fact that one of her fears had been going into a nation/nations like this.

The one thing that will forever be etched within my memory took place immediately after we landed and were within a city of just over 3 million people. Vastly different in every aspect imaginable to the US. She was wide eyed with wonder. Looking at everything, primarily her eyes were looking upward at the architecture so vastly different that she was used to. She became oblivious to the lights giving the 'go ahead' to cross the street. So transfixed she was! I had to, literally, hold her hand as we walked across the wide boulevards as traffic darted this way and that. The vehicles were not inclined to stop in spite of the light changing color, and I was worried for her safety.

For me seeing this newness thorough her eyes...made things new again for me! Nothing was taken for granted, absolutely nothing. Each day as we went about doing the work which we were there to complete...the continual "oohs & aahs" simply served as a reminder to be ever so vigilant not to allow anything the Lord allows us to see escape our attention. Every face was made as a portrait within our hearts, the voices we heard...we can still 'hear'. The smell of diesel fuel and burning garbage, was even a source of this represented to us a place where we fell in love with the people and nation. The good the bad or the not so good...made no difference to us. These people became our people...our love for them will never end.

The one thing this marvelous young woman didn't like were bugs. However, her total transformation was so complete that by the end of this particular journey, hunger got the best of us. There was a partial loaf of bread left. There were bugs crawling upon the bread and the table. (To me, this would never have been a big deal, yet was unsure as to what her reaction would be). She promptly picked up the knife to cut us both a thick slice of bread...but...before doing so, used her finger to just 'flick' off the bugs. Once I began laughing as what I viewed as a major transformation, it occured to her what I was laughing about. If memory serves me correctly, her only comment was something like, "Well, I was hungry".

Never underestimate what is able to be changed. We...all...need to get past outward appearance and (as an old Beatle song says) "give peace a chance".

To this wonderful woman, now has her own family. (She knows I'm talking about her!) My love for you was born upon the Rock of Jesus Christ. I should say, too, that her husband is also one of the "children" the Lord 'grafted' within my heart. Talk about a match made in heaven!!!

To all readers, never underestimate your ability to touch a I've said before: every life...touches every other life.

Kindest Regards,



Diane said...

And how I get all teary-eyed reading this, even the part about the bugs! Yes, and on the first night out of the country, I remember turning on the bathroom light to see a cockroach sitting on the sink. I yelled and ran, asking you what a cockroach looked like. You looked at it and said, "Yup, that's a cockroach." My response: "Aren't they supposed to run when you scream???" I'll never forget walking through the city that night, feeling like I was in a dream. I still get sentimental whenever I get a good whiff of diesel...

Thank you for taking a chance on a girl you hardly knew...

Kathryn said...


Your kind remarks are further indication that my admiration for you is well placed. However, I didn't look at you as a "girl you hardly knew"...your heart was as wide open as the Texas sky. Your desire to learn was as contagious as my desire to teach. The perfect match! One of the first things I remember teaching you was that...every life touches every other life. Both of us know how true that is.

The other thing I've desired to plant within the hearts of all I come into contact is this: "Never hide under the shadow of someone else's opinion". This, too, is something you learned well, my Daughter!

Anonymous said...

how bout adoptting me? :(

Johann Snyman said...


You made me cry. These were tears of happiness brought on by your comment on my blog. Thank you for being you and for your heart. I pray for you and I hope that you'll do the same for me. You left a comment on both my blogs. Patsy777 and Prophet t the Nations.

God bless you K!!!!


Anonymous said...

if only i had someone like you in my life. my boyfriend is abusive. i don't know what to do, i cant leave the kids with him 'cuz of what could happen.