Monday, September 1, 2008

"Kathryn, Where Are You?"

I've haven't written a post in weeks. I've received so many emails asking, "Kathryn, where are you?" It's past 4:30 AM Sept 1...and I cannot sleep due to the level of discomfort I'm experiencing. Some of you have known of the physical struggles I've been dealing with...others of you don't. If this post seems to be "all over the page" forgive me. This is a time where I'm asking you to pray for me.

It seems like I'm fighting a war on three fronts. I have lesions on both sides of my brain. Tests are inconclusive...yet, MS has not been ruled out. It's also been said that some of these lesions are most likely the result of repeated "head trauma" over the years while living in an abusive marriage.

Recently, I was referred to a cardiologist due to complication in another area. The doctor ordered a whole hosts of tests to be done. After all tests results were in, I was not prepared for the results. Without going into much detail, I will be seeing a cardiac surgeon on Sept 10. The problem is, I don't know exactly how much damage has already occurred. Can it be fixed?

My husband is a medical professional. He's been trying to find research regarding what we were told. I can see the concern in his eyes...those unspoken words between husband and wife. The other issue is the fact there has not been much research into this particular problem. This has caused much frustration and anxiety for both of us.

In the midst of all this, those of you struggling within an abusive relationship...I have never let go of you in prayer. Again, I want to remind you there is an army of women that are also praying for you on a daily basis. The emails I receive have let me know of the triumphs that have come to some of you...other emails have told of the sorrow due to the ongoing abuse. The thing I know for sure...there is a way out!

If that seems like a bold statement, it was intended to be. The reason I know there is a way due to the fact I'm out of a toxic relationship that lasted almost 25 years. I wish I could give each one of you a (((Hug))) reminded that I care.

Kindest Regards,