Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Wellness Check"

I have been receiving many e-mail letters from women who have told me that they feel that they have nowhere to turn for help.  Some have confided that because of this isolation they have had thoughts of suicide.  Many others who have contacted me via e-mail also know of women who have confided that they too are similarly desperate.  In both cases fear of the abuser and possible retaliation are effective roadblocks.  The abuser frequently counts on intimidation as a weapon.



 Depression is a very serious matter, one cannot simply snap out of this type of emotional pain. It is truly terrible to lose one’s dignity, no one should feel so alone and unheard that suicide becomes an option.  I would like to suggest a possible solution that can aid women who otherwise feel helpless, and hopeless.  What I am suggesting is known as a “wellness check.”   Anyone who suspects or knows of an impending plan to hurt oneself can contact the local law enforcement authorities.   A police department or county sheriff for those who live in rural areas can be contacted through calling 911.  An law enforcement officer will dispatched to the residence.  A request for a “wellness check” may provide help and save someone’s life.



I know that there is reluctance for people to admit that they suffer from this level of emotional pain and grief.  Some people believe that taking such action further erodes their dignity by seeking help.  I beg to differ in that the alternative to not getting help may be far more catastrophic.  I have counseled many women who have told me that they see no other way.  The immediate pain overshadows their logic.  Many times these feelings motivate actions that are both powerful and impulsive.  Once in motion these plans are hard to stop.  Professional help is required.



Therefore, what I am advocating is a chance to take a time out away from the abuser. This is only a suggestion but I know that “wellness checks have saved many lives.  I know of a situation where someone recently called for such a wellness check and the police arrived in time to save the life of a young mother.  Had someone not called for a wellness check when I was living with my abuser, I could have been killed.


Let’s never forget that we are “our brother’s keeper”…Is it ever too late to do the right thing?  If I could, I would (((hug))) each one of you.  Be reminded that there is an army of women praying for you.   






Sunday, December 7, 2008

"The Beginning of A New Day"

Those of you that have been reading this site are well aware that I had surgery again on Oct 8. Things did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. This is the reason I have not posted anything recently. However, to those of you that have sent emails...I have read each and every one.

I wish I could say that physically things are looking up...but they are not. There are still times I cannot sleep due to discomfort. As soon as I get recovered enough, I need to return to the neurosurgeon to look further into the brain lesions that were discovered. Yet, within these last two days the Lord has done a new thing for me. Even now thinking about it...I am filled with delight.

There have been a few Christian sisters He has brought across my path. Just as the title of this post..."The Beginning of A New Day"...having these ladies in my life is that new day!

Many of the emails I've received have asked numerous questions. After carefully reading all the emails I've discovered that all questions have already been answered within the many posts I've done on this site. I encourage you to take your time and read through them.

I'm currently working within state government to try and change how funds are allocated between the counties regarding obtaining more help for domestic violence victims. This seems to be a long process as there are many hoops to jump through. Rest assured that although the fight is long the women behind this cause are very strong and determined.

There is still a need for your prayer support for the health issues of which I'm struggling. Rarely am I even able to leave my home...when I do, it is only for short periods of time. However, whenever I am able to get out I am thrilled. The fresh snow on the ground...the way the snow hugs the trees and bushes is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, the way the scent of the pine trees in winter is wonderful! Today, I saw two cardinals. This surprised me as I thought they headed south for winter...obviously I was wrong.

This post is shorter than usual, but I am only able to be up for short periods of time. Be reminded there is an army of women that are praying for you. Don't take chances with your safety...there is help available. Use the resources I have listed on this site. I wish I could (((hug))) each one of you.

Kindest Regards,